Planning to drive for a few days?

How many days are you going to drive?

If you’re planning to see a lot of different attractions, take a little time to relax. If it is a road trip, if you take the general road and eat on the road, it is generally more comfortable to be within a range of about 100 to 150 kilometers per day, of course, depending on the type of car, for example, sports cars that require a lot of physical strength should not be arranged too long. At the same time, please note that if it is autumn and winter, the sun will go down early, and if the schedule is too long, you may have to go to the hotel in the dark. In addition, the number of days directly affects your trip budget. The time required for expressways and general roads, mountain roads, etc. will also vary.

Calculate road distances and road conditions:

Basically, just use Google Map, enter two locations, and Google will automatically calculate the distance between the two and the required travel time. You can use Google Map to approximate the travel time required.

Please note that if you are visiting some of Japan’s famous attractions and leisure areas such as the beach or hot springs, try to avoid Japanese holidays or you may end up stuck in traffic with locals and expensive hostels!