No, we can only rent cars from holders of full driver's licenses.

You don't need to make an appointment in advance, but your choices are limited to the models currently in the store. If you want to rent a specific motorcycle, please try to make an appointment at least one week in advance, so that we can make arrangements in advance. However, the motorcycles at Minami-Chitose Ekimae, Kamata, and Machida stores can only be rented by reservation.

Car rental fees are paid at Japanese car rental shops. If there are additional fees such as overtime return and arrears, you will be charged again when you return the car. The store only accepts credit cards in the name of the car renter, and does not accept cash or other people's credit cards.

Fuel money needs to be borne by oneself. When you get the motorcycle, the fuel tank of the motorcycle will be full, please fill the fuel tank when you return the motorcycle. Otherwise, we will charge you for refueling, which may be higher than the price of gas at the gas station, please note.

There is no other way, please return the car during business hours.

In general, we do not have space for vehicles at our storefront, so we recommend that you come by public transport. If you rent a car, you can search for nearby parking lots.

If the motorcycle needs to be repaired due to an accident, and the store cannot be rented out, we will have to charge you a fee for the inability to operate, which is commonly referred to as "business loss". "Loss of Business" will only bill you for up to fifteen days.

Sorry, we only provide services to driver's license holders who are 20 years of age or older, no accommodations can be made.

You cannot. Please pay with a credit card in your own name, and our company only accepts credit cards. Credit cards of relatives and friends traveling with you are also not accepted, please make sure it is the driver's own credit card.

The confirmation email is automatically sent by the system, please check the spam. Or you can contact us on facebook or whatsapp.

Yes, but please contact us in advance to install a Japanese ETC machine and lend an ETC card.

Most of the branches allow you to store your luggage, please contact us in advance for assistance.

In the event of bad weather, cancellations can be made on the morning of the rental day, but be sure to contact us in advance.

No, but if you don't speak Japanese, you can only rent a car at "limited designated stores". At the same time you need to have basic English conversation skills. If you cannot speak English or Japanese, we cannot provide you with services.

No. All costs are listed in detail before you rent the car.

Overtime charges vary by wheel class. Please note that you will be charged a penalty for late returns without notifying us in advance. In case of special circumstances, please contact us first.

If you decide to extend the rental time, please inform the branch that rented the vehicle to you in advance. If the car you rented has already been reserved by the next customer, you must return it on time and cannot extend the time.

No, please return the motorcycle to the original rental branch during business hours.

no. Each insurance policy has a deductible amount. In the event of an accident, the customer needs to pay the insurance amount within the deductible amount. Anything above the deductible will be borne by the insurance company. Motorcycles of different grades have different deductibles, please drive carefully.

fter an accident, follow these four steps: 1. Understand the situation and check for damage 2. Contact the police 3. Contact the insurance company 4. Contact Rental 819 Center If it is past business hours, please notify Emergency Road Service (ERS). Don't forget to ask the police for an accident certificate.

All the same. Hong Kong Rental819 provides free consulting services for daily rental of motorcycles for customers in Hong Kong and Macau. There is no charge for them, please take advantage of them.

Basically yes. However, according to the arrangement of the store, the color and year of the motorcycle will be changed. Our company will try our best to meet the customer's requirements, but if you have special needs in terms of color, please inform us in advance.

No you cannot. In the event of an accident, due to the different insured objects, the insurance will not make compensation, please note.

When returning the car, we will read the payment record in the ETC card, please pay at that time.

You can get back 50% of the car rental payment after 24 hours, but other additional parts, insurance money, etc. cannot be refunded.