Reservation and pick-up process

In order to provide the best service, we sincerely ask you to take a few minutes to learn the details and restrictions of renting a motorcycle in Japan.

Before departure

STEP 1 Confirm the documents

Please check if you have a driver’s license that can be used in Japan. Rental 819 is only available to adults over 20 years old. If you are under the age of 20, we are unable to provide you with motorcycle rental services.

Documents necessary before renting a car

  • Passport (presented at the time of rental)
  • Credit card (It is recommended to prepare more than one credit card to avoid temporary situations when swiping the card, and it is recommended that you carry more than one credit card on the day.) )
  • If you are a Hong Kong or Macau driver, please bring your Hong Kong/Macau driver’s license and international driver’s license (pictured). If you are applying for your driver’s license in another country, please contact us first to confirm.

Please note that the license has not expired

Make sure you have a motorcycle license plate in Hong Kong/Macau

STEP 2 Select a branch

RENTAL819 HAS STORES ALL OVER JAPAN, AND ALL BRANCHES CAN PROVIDE CAR RENTAL SERVICES. However, when renting a motorcycle, we want you to fully understand the content of the service, and if you are unable to communicate in Japanese, we will arrange a car rental at a branch with English-speaking staff.

When you fill out the form, please fill in the region where you would like to rent a motorcycle, if you have a preferred store, you can list it in the form, or contact our customer service staff and we will arrange it for you.

The borrowing and returning of the vehicle must be made at the same store.

STEP 3 Choose a motorcycle

Now it’s time to choose which motorcycle you want to rent.

RENTAL819 Each branch can rent different motorcycles, if you already have a car you want, please fill out the form to list the first three and we will arrange them for you in order.

If you don’t have a clue, please contact our customer service staff by drivetrain, vehicle type, and cylinder capacity (pictured) so that we can advise you.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when choosing a car:

  • A vehicle 50cc or less, or a vehicle with only one seat as stated in the vehicle registration document, cannot carry passengers
  • Capital Expressway (e.g., Central Ring Road, Bay Shoreline, etc.) cannot carry passengers
  • Motorcycles under 125cc cannot be used on the expressway
  • Vehicles over 50cc must park in the left motorcycle space, and vehicles 50cc or below can be parked in the bicycle space

Please note that the accessories that can be installed on each car, such as ETC/tail box/side box, etc., please make sure the details of the accessories that can be installed on each car before renting.

Some RENTAL819 branches offer ETC card hire service for you to use the automatic toll payment service on the highway.

For the rules of use of ETC, please see here.


For motorcycle rentals, please see here.

Rent and fees

STEP 4 Select the date

You can book your car up to 4 months in advance, up to one week in advance.

Please note that reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and we may not be able to reserve your preferred car if you book too late.

In addition, each shop has different holidays, so you cannot rent or return a car on a holiday, so we will arrange it for you when you make a reservation.

STEP 5 Fill out the rental form

Please fill in the details on the rental form. This includes your personal information, the time of renting and returning the car, whether you need a helmet and other accessories, etc.

Once we receive your rental details, we will send you a confirmation email within 3-5 working days.

Once you’ve received your confirmation email, you’re ready to go!

After arriving in Po

STEP 6 On the day of rental

When renting a car, please present the following valid documents:

  • passport
  • Your credit card is used as payment
  • International and national driving passports
  • Appropriate driving motorcycle clothing

Since it will take about 15 minutes to explain the contract and insurance details to you, please arrive at the store before the scheduled time.

After you sign your rental contract, we will photocopy your passport and driver’s license.

Finally, after checking the condition of the motorcycle before departure, you can go.

If you don’t understand anything, please feel free to ask the staff and please drive safely.

STEP 7 Return the car

We will fill your car with gas when you rent a car, so when you return the bike, please also fill it with the specified petrol to return the bike. If the car is not fully fueled when it is returned, we will charge you back the amount of gasoline. After checking the fuel level, we will check the exterior and performance of the vehicle, and if there are no problems, the car rental service will be completed.

If the return is delayed than the scheduled time:

Please contact the rental shop well in advance of your scheduled time. If there is no appointment behind you, we can extend the rental period for you. The rental fee for the extended period is calculated when you return the car.

If you return the car earlier than the scheduled time:

Refunds may be made only if more than 24 hours in advance.

The refund amount is as follows: ([Basic rental fee for contract time] – [Basic rental fee for used time]) x 50% = refund

Please note that the equipment you borrowed, insurance fees, etc. will not be refunded.

About cancellation

If the weather is bad on the day of rental, or if it is known in advance that the weather will turn bad (e.g. a typhoon), the reservation can be cancelled without additional charge. However, please contact us in advance.

For cancellations for other reasons, please contact us for handling.