Compulsory insurance (included in the rental price)

Rental819 includes some insurance in the rental price

Vehicle damage compensation

The purpose of vehicle damage compensation insurance is that once your rented motorcycle is involved in an accident, whether it is a crash or an accident, you only need to pay the deductible (deductible) for that vehicle level.

Repairs in excess of the excess are covered by insurance. Renters who do not live in Japan are required to purchase vehicle damage compensation insurance.

About the deductible fee

The deductible fee is the maximum amount that the guest will need to pay for repairs to the vehicle in the event of an accident.

For example, at the P-4 level, the maximum deductible fee is 50,000 yen, so as long as the maintenance cost is 50,000 or less, the fee that the customer needs to pay is the actual maintenance cost.

When the maintenance fee goes to 200,000 yen, the customer still only needs to pay 50,000 yen at most. The other 150,000 yen will be covered by collision insurance.

*If the maintenance fee cannot be planned immediately, we will charge the maximum deductible fee as a deposit first, and the difference will be refunded after the actual maintenance cost is clear.

What to do when an unexpected occurs

CASE 1. When an accident occurs

Please remain calm and follow the procedure below

Check the status of the injured person first and call 119 for help immediately.

No matter which party’s fault, please call the police on 110 first.

Please leave the other person’s name, address, and phone number.

If you are unable to contact due to language issues, please contact Rental819 Hong Kong to reply to your Whatsapp number on your rental confirmation.

Please repeat the incident to the staff and follow the instructions of the staff to proceed next.

CASE 2. It does not involve accidents, crashes, mechanical problems of the other party

The quickest way to deal with this is to contact your RENTAL819 branch directly.

Please follow the instructions of the store.

CASE 3. If the rented vehicle is stolen

First, call the police

Fill in a theft notice with the police (theft unit)

Just need to go back to hotel/home

Take note! The insurance will not be covered if:

Please note that the following accidents will not be covered by insurance:

This includes other accidents that are excluded from the coverage listed in the insurance wording

We offer towing services for all rental vehicles. If you need towing service, please contact us. The towing fee will be paid by the customer.

In the unlikely event of an accident and the vehicle needs to be sent for repair and cannot be rented, we will charge the guest the amount of business compensation. The amount of compensation is included in the insurance package above. Please understand that even if there is a slight damage to the mirrors, indicator lights, etc., we need time to retrieve the same parts for repair, because the damage will make it impossible for the vehicle to be legally driven in Japan, not only due to legal problems, but also due to safety issues, we will not be able to rent and the next guest and incur losses.

In the event of any of the above damage or accidents, please contact the rental shop as soon as possible. If the vehicle can be returned to the rental shop by itself, we will charge a business compensation of 20,000 yen if moderate damage occurs due to the crash. If you are unable to return and need to be shipped, we will charge 50,000 yen plus the cost of towing.

Theft insurance is included in the rental price, which covers up to 50% of the market value of the vehicle. However, the difference needs to be paid by the guest.

The following are not covered:

  • You forgot to pull the key
  • You forgot to lock the vehicle

Be sure to keep your vehicle and its keys safe.