How is the route planned?

How is the route planned?

Please ask yourself and your companions first, what are the attractions that you must see on this trip? What are some of the itineraries and attractions you’d definitely like to visit? These spots can be a famous scenic road, a visit to a hot spring town, or a World Heritage Site.

Here is information on the sightseeing spots in Japan and the sightseeing spots in each prefecture:

The sightseeing spots that are a little bit larger are recorded, and they are introduced in Chinese.

Recommended routes for each prefecture in Japan.

Every spring or autumn, Weathernews publishes the status of each cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan and lists when is the best time to see it.

That’s probably it!

Finally, the various destinations are connected in series, and when connected, of course, it is best to pass through some beautiful and interesting roads, while trying not to go back and reduce the total driving distance. Then decide where to stay each day, taking into account the number of attractions to visit per day, the duration of the tour, and the driving distance and time.

Of course, if you feel troublesome, or if too many people are working together and worried about the trip being blocked, you are also welcome to contact experienced us at any time to help! We can also help you check if there are any problems with the implementation of your itinerary!