How is the budget calculated?

How is the budget calculated?

The budget basically consists of several things: rent for the motorcycle itself, gas, highway costs, food, accommodation, parking, etc. The various calculation methods are roughly as follows:


This is the most accurate in advance. Take a look at our rental calculation table:

Rent and fees

Fuel costs

Japan’s oil price (regular oil) hovers around 160 yen a liter. Please use Google Map to approximate your riding distance before calculating.

Highway fees

Expressway tolls in Japan are calculated based on the distance from the exit to the entrance.

You can use the highway calculator below to do the calculation. When calculating, please set it to use ETC and light automatic vehicles. Keep in mind that tolls on expressways vary at night, on holidays, and during peak hours.

Japanese road gold

NEXCO West Japan

NEXCO Central Japan


It depends on what you eat… A bento box for about 40 Hong Kong dollars to about 80 yuan for rotary sushi is also available. If you stay at a hot spring inn with two meals, breakfast and dinner are usually included.


Business hotels cost about 300-500 Hong Kong dollars a night, and hot spring hotels with half board are about 700-2000 yuan a night. To find out if parking facilities are available, please contact us.

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How to find parking for motorcycles in Japan?

Please don’t just park on the side of the road! Since the cost of parking in Japan is surprisingly high, and the procedures after being copied are quite cumbersome (you need to report to the nearest police station immediately and pay for it), please use the parking lot as much as possible! For the location of the parking lot, you can check out the following link:

Nationwide バイク駐車場・駐wheel場案内